Contractor Checklist

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You’re having work done on your home. Here is a contractor checklist to use when making your selection.

  • Make sure the contractor has a good reputation. Check for references and call a few of them.
  • Make sure the contractor has adequate insurance coverage. Protect your home from accidental damage.
  • Did the contractor thoroughly inspect the work area? This includes all aspects of the job in question?  A thorough inspection is important so that there are not unexpected charges later on in the job.
  • Did the contractor provide a written estimate? Including an accurate description of the work to be performed, plus work that may have to be contracted out.
  • Did the contractor explain the entire scope of the work being done? Many jobs consist of a series of components that work together and you should know about all of them.
  • Did the contractor check existing ventilation for proper circulation and also explain the importance of proper ventilation? Improper ventilation will damage your shingles and can invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Did the contractor know, explain and comply with local building codes?Local codes determine the maximum number of nail overs and nail overs may shorten the life of your new shingles.
  • Will the contractor apply building materials according to manufacturer’s specifications?.
  • Will the contractor commit to supervising the job during all phases of the work and inspect it thoroughly when finished?
  • Will the contractor thoroughly clean up the workspace when finished? Will they remove all surplus materials? Will they leave your house and yard in the same shape they found it?
  • Did the contractor explain both the workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty? Are defective materials replaced for prorated replacement cost, or original cost, with labor charged additional? You should be very clear about whom to call with a problem.
  • Did the contractor offer additional warranty coverage?
  • Did the contractor use quality materials? Check the product warranty. Choose a name you trust — not all materials are the same.

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