Home Additions

Adding to your existing home can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. You want to make a smart investment with home additions that blends in seamlessly and enhances your home, not add an extra structure that screams “addition”!

A Seamless Blend of Original and New

BLC Construction has mastered the art of blending new construction with your original architecture. With many years of experience in accurate renovations and additions; you can feel comfortable using our addition services whether your home is 200 years old or 20. In fact, the greatest compliment of our well-executed design and construction is that people won’t even notice your new addition unless you tell them!

BLC Construction is equipped to design and build additions of every size, style and shape to provide you with a quality home renovation.

  • Second Story Home Additions
  • Sun Room Additions
  • Constructing a New Commercial Wing
  • Building a Garage
  • Extending a Kitchen or Porch
  • Adding a Bathroom
  • Breezeway Extension
  • Constructing Dormers

BLC Construction proudly serves the Baltimore, Maryland area.

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